Welcome to my WWWebsite

This site contains a selection of my travel photo's. You can explore per country by using the "Zapper" on the left.

The site is build for optimum viewing at 1024x768 or higher resolution, with Internet Explorer. On a lower resolution it will be better to just use the "Browse Albums" function. When using Netscape some of the special features won't work.

To keep the quality of the pictures quite high, the loading times might be a bit long on slow connections... sorry for that but it's worth the wait.

The latest pictures are from Lao and Sri Lanka. Sorry the little movies are still not working. I made a new screensaver of my pictures made in Lao.

I have been very lazy and didn't write about my adventures in Lao and Sri Lanka yet.

Next and last stop before Amsterdam is Sulawesi.

For those of you who are interested, keep watching this space for new pictures.

Please leave any comments in the questbook, or email me.